Since 2002, experimenting with consciousness in the form of light and sound, words and movements. Who are WE? is the central Question. All media are mirrors. Philosophy, Fundamental Physics, Genetics, Video Feedback, Art Therapy, ways to divert our minds from the blinding abysms of Truth, and moving back into its simplicity, its quiet joy. In Hindi, ULTIMAYA means the inversion of Cosmic Illusion, the great Magic (same root) that makes the one Oversoul think it is many, and lost in the unfathomable Samsara. We explore the interplay of reality and illusion, attempting innovative mystical, shamanic like approaches.


Digital Mandala Ultimaya 2002 - 2012,

Sonar area - Video Feedback - Images


Book of Mirrors Ultimaya 2013,

The vision through the interplay of quantm elements of being. A new way to bring dialectics into interconsciousness action, creating the Book of Mirrors in which you see your-self by expresing all data of your life, both unreal and mythical.



DNArt Project Ultimaya 2013,

Back to the roots : DNA as universal language



Dharmic Tradition meets Digital Mandalarsen Ultimaya 2010 - 2013,

THere is an Unmoving travel through dimensions of perception. The elements of language are segments of the mind; can they be the structure of the world? On the fractal fresco of phenomena, the variety of all the symbols of oneness sprout and come to life.