The artwork's basis is one 20 foot long hand drawing that took one year completing. Its backbone is the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which are spread like seeds of meaning among the infinite canvas of random facts. Living beings are linked by secret strands of DNA. This Drawing of Babel, that some call the Universe, is called different names, like God itself: the Psychotorah, The ABC of the Absolute, Noah's Archetype... The movie shows one possible wandering through its maze. The text is an ancient sanskrit advaita vedanta wisdom, which has been almost unknown even in India for centuries. Its title means: the song of the naked one, the sage that got rid of ideas and identification and sings out of bliss. Mooji is a contemporary spiritual teacher bringing to life this ancient wisdom. It is like an act of love defying time to merge After Effects and Devanagari, the latest technology and the earliest recorded outbursts of insight into the depths of reality. This is as far as words may come to give a hint of the absolute... The musicians are my music teachers, having a very high level in Hindustani music and an inner understanding of it.


Text by Sri Dattatreya Translation by Swami Abhayananda Reading by Mooji Animation by Zottomerk Artwork, Recording & Audio Mix by Nataraaj (Ultimaya) Vocals by Shree Marikol Flute by Suryaneel Lauth




Dharmic Tradition meets Digital Mandalarsen